for Mesa County Commissioner

Art works for the park system in Fruita.


"Mel is a very generous and kind-hearted individual who listens to people. When he was on Council and Planning he always was willing
to work with us. "

Elaine is a retired RN. Her children graduated from D51 schools. As an outdoor person she appreciates seeing rafting, bikes, trails and parks kept updated. Growing up on a farm and as a gardner now, she knows the value of agriculture.


"Knowing Mel Mulder through the years, I know he will work hard as a commissioner. He understands how important water is to the Western Slope. His experience with planning and zoning issues will serve to enhance Mesa County and bring business to this county."

Tiffany lives in Loma and is a former business owner.

"I know Mel Mulder to be a personable and open guy who will listen to people, businesses and residents when many other local officials will not."

Comment from Jackie Serve on Facebook:

"What kind of candidate makes his own signs? Mel Mulder is "Can-Do!" He and his wife are passionate about our community, the environment, jobs and economy. Mel Mulder is inclusive, NOT divisive. We could use a lot more of that kind of leadership."

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