for Mesa County Commissioner

My Vision For Mesa County

Your current commissioners have stopped listening to you. I'm running for Mesa County Commissioner to change that and make Mesa County a prosperous place to live. Here's my platform:

Government Should Work For The People. If elected, I promise that there will be no double-talk, I will listen to you, and I will be transparent.


We Must Stop Wasting Taxpayer Dollars. The current commissioners have shown that they can't be responsible with your tax dollars. They've spent money on frivolous projects, sent money to special interest groups in Utah, and raised their own pay without raising the pay of other Mesa County employees.


Rather Than Turning Away Money, We Should Invest It In Mesa County. The current commissioners believe that state and federal money should be turned away because they perceive it as federal overreach. One particularly upsetting example was when people tragically died when Bosley Wash flooded several years ago. County employees applied for a grant to create a water detention facility but Rose Pugliese argued against accepting these funds because she felt they were federal overreach. I would check the federal grant register constantly and apply for all available money so that we can invest in Mesa County.


We Must Turn the Department of Human Services Around. We’ve all read the Daily Sentinel articles about the disturbing deaths of young children who were placed by the Department of Human Services. This is as a result of micromanagement and the systematic reduction of employees and funding by the current Mesa County Commissioners. I would set this department up to be successful again and prevent deaths like these in the future.


We Must Diversify Our Economy Through "Rec and Tech." The current commissioners opposed spending $17,000 to finish the Riverfront trails and also oppose turning the Colorado National Monument into a National Park. I believe that we must invest in high-speed broadband and other projects in order to bring the recreation and technology industries to Mesa County.

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