The Importance of Being a Farmer.

The other day, I had someone tell me they were voting for Dave Edwards for County Commissioner in District 3. "That is super!" I said, and asked who he was voting for in District 1.

"John Justman," he said.

"Why John?" I asked.

And his reply was "He's a farmer."

That is fine, but I need to make it known that I do know about farming. I did truck farming in Michigan. That is where you really work and have no room for mistakes. We had no subsidies, either.

And my wife grew up on a farm, driving tractor already when she was in grade school. She drove truck, scooped out grain, and got back to the field in time to get the next hopper of grain off the combine. Her family and mine butchered our own beef and pork.

So, oh yes, I know farming. I just don't get on TV and act like I am the only true farmer in Mesa County.

When someone carries a shovel and walks a ditch bank while saying "I'm for smaller government,"and then takes big government farm subsidies, isn't this double talk?

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