Salary Freeze for County Employees

Our Daily Sentinel published "A Study of counties salaries Not Ready" This makes for an interesting read. I want to know from anyone affected in this salary freeze, as to what actual payouts are made for what Mr. Justman calls "performance payments in some divisions." What do these actually amount to? As with our School District 51 "performance payments" depend on someone's judgments which determine if the subject or the employee receives any "performance money", does this mean any pay raise depends on one of the commissioner's opinion as to work and effort made by that employee? It is common knowledge that those who "make the judgments" not always are objective or honest due to their own motives or personal issues or inexperience. Often those who judge could not even begin to do the job or understand it, of the employee they are scrutinizing.

Dustman says "money is in short supply", yes it is, but the big question is WHY?

This commission has shown lack of vision and understanding of budgeting in many aspects, especially in attracting jobs. Why does it continue to depend on the energy and extraction industries?Why wasn't diverse training for employees who five or more years ago, we knew would be losing jobs, available? Where was the vision? Why are we not making use of our great outdoor recreation offerings to attract high tech businesses ? Why can't we get Broad Band for the valley? This would bring those businesses with good paying jobs here. Think about it, better schools, jobs which would let our graduates actually live and work for decent wages here instead of having to go elsewhere upon graduation!

Some members in our commission and other leaders have used the opportunity to take training from entities like ALEC and the Koch Brother companies. Look at what their conservative teachings have done to our economy as the 1 percent get richer and the rest of us struggle even more.

Jim Doody gave the good politician answer...

"Hope to meet with the county employees to learn how they have been effected by the freezes..." So, actually where does he stand? No one knows because he probably doesn't either.

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